Albemarle Hunting Club

Albemarle dog hunting club. We are all about the dog hunting. There is nothing more exciting than hearing the dogs running a deer or the smile and excitement of a young hunter getting their first deer. Dog hunting is a great sport. The dogs and the drivers do all the work. You don’t have to get out of bed too early, because we don’t start hunting until after breakfast and after daylight. It is just a short walk from the vehicles to the stand line.
Albemarle hunt club is a Christian based hunt club so there is no alcohol, profanity and illegal drugs permitted on club property at any time. The yearly dues are set right now at $550.00, for an adult member, spouse and children in school. Visitors and guest can hunt for $40.00 per day.
Albemarle hunt club is located near Laurel Hill, NC. in Scotland county. We have about 3000 acres of land to hunt and two ponds for fishing. There is a campground for campers and there are a few campers with bunks that are on a first come system. We hunt every Saturday in deer gun season and a few other days. There is no other hunting permitted while we are dog hunting. We do have still hunting spots for members to hunt on days there is no dog hunting and after dog hunting is done for the day. There is small game hunting after deer season is over and turkey hunting. There are some other rules you will need to know, but if you think you might be interested you can send us an e-mail.

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